Does Sciatica SOS work or it is a Scam? Here is what I think.

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Man suffering from sciatica pain


Overview of Sciatica SOS


Those who know me, know that I am a trooper when it comes to pain. I started suffering from excruciating sciatica pain around late 2010. I was moving house and helping around moving heavy boxes when a misjudged move sent a scorching pain down my lower back. It was absolutely horrible. I struggled with sciatica for 5 years, regularly knowing on professional doors and shelling out hundreds of dollars for drugs that only treat the symptom and not the cause of sciatica. Then rather haphazardly, I found Glen Johnson’s ebook- Sciatica SOS. Based on many positive reviews I read on the program, I was stoked to try it out!

sciatica sos


My lumbar pain seemed to be getting from bad to worst as the years went by. When once I was able to perform basic activities, it came to a point where I’m some days I could not even get out of bed. If I tried, I would have cried my eyes out because of the pain. The painkillers given to me by my doctor stopped having it’s effect after I take a couple of them, almost like clockwork. It seems to me that my body was used to those pills because I took so much of them in the past and they stop being effective altogether. I tried treating my sciatica with yoga poses, and it worked really well. Although, I felt there was still room for improvement. I got more and more psyched about trying out the Sciatica SOS program.


The program kinda makes bold claims. As anyone would, I was very skeptical, especially when it say’s that can cure your sciatica in less than 7 days. But hey, I was in so much pain that I absolutely had to give it a try. I had nothing to lose really, except perhaps some time.


The program is fairly easy to use and there are no exaggerated foods in it. I mean that you will be able to find them almost any and the only key factor in using the program to treat your sciatica is consistency. You can’t start with the program for a few days and just let it go without finishing. It will work. Or rather, it will not be as effective as the over Glenn Johnson intends it to be. In my instance, SciaticaSOS has proven to be a very reliable, natural and effective way to help me cope with my sciatica pain without any exaggerated expenses.


sciatica sos ebook


How Does Sciatica SOS Work?


SciaticaSOS can be divided into three main categories.




By helping your body to relax and become less stressed, you boost your bodily vitality by many folds and this allows the other techniques in the book to be more effective in helping treat sciatica. Glen Johnson shows simple and easy to follow techniques on how to get sleep and generally feel more relaxed throughout the day and night.




As explained by the author, in the past, doctors and chiropractors used to believe that rest was vital in curing sciatica. They couldn’t be more wrong! Modern research and studies show that to treat sciatica you need an active lifestyle. Active does not mean abrupt. Instead, at your own pace, you can still carry on your daily activities. This has proven to be effective in helping calm sciatica pain. Personally, the exercises given by the author has been vital in significantly toning down on my pain, and I was able to feel it remarkably quickly, as little as 3 days only.




This is the golden nugget of Sciatica SOS. Glen Johnson basically wrote the book ever since he stumbled upon an old Nepalese secret that cured his condition straight away. This is exactly what he will show you and best of all, you can grab this “secret tea” for less than $20 for a few months refill. Imagine the savings you will make!

If you happen to be one of those unlucky people who suffer from sciatica and have made almost every effort to cure your condition to no avail, then Sciatica SOS will be a natural sciatica treatment program you will embrace and turn back to day in and day out.

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Shooting in San Francisco

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There is yet another video on the shooting in San Francisco. This was the person was shot to death by cops. You have seen this video before, I’m sure, but I will touch a little bit about it because it is important. There is a third angle video, shot another person, who was a passenger in a bus.

The police said that the man had a knife in his hand, but as he was in this video, this was not the case. But more importantly, pay attention to what the cops is off camera, and the very end after the shooting.

The officer was repeatedly saying “we couldn’t take any chances”. “He had a knife, we can’t take any chance”. That’s not true, and that’s what’s wrong with our training. We can take a tiny tiny chance, because the policeman had an army surrounding the guy. He wasn’t plunging towards anybody. They could have tased him, they could have used a baton or have performed a dozen different maneuvers to get that knife away. The only opportunity they had was definitely not shooting at this guy.

This is exactly what is wrong with police training. The police training is not the answer, it’s the problem. If cops think, that there is a person with an object in his hand, and despite knowing that this person has absolutely no chance of killing me, and even if they were able to make an unbelievable athletic movement, and despite me having an army of police around me; and the only decision I can make is shoot the guy then this is not the answer, it is the problem.

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Review of the ED Protocol by Jason Long

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Here is a book recommendation and review for y’all with ED. It’s called the Erectile Dysfunction Protocol by Jason Long. Erectile dysfunction is a big problem I have had to face through my marriage.

As a father of two, I now look back and ponder on the importance of a simple erection, something that comes natural to everyone in their teens, and yet, millions of people suffer from this problem that is on the rise.

The ED Protocol by Jason Long.

The Ed Protocol by Jason Long

The ed protocol is a book authored by a longtime erectile dysfunction sufferer, Jason Long who for many years has suffered from this condition. An erectile dysfunction, or ED for short, is when a person fails to have an erection or keep an erection until ejaculation for an extended period of time, usually not less than 3 months. It is normally diagnosed by a doctor, but since the subject is understandably taboo, there are many who go around with an ED without knowing it.

In most cases, ED is the result of a low testosterone or androgenic hormone deliverance in the body, and while this condition is rapidly on the rise, both in developed and under-developed countries, there is no “single” cure for those sufferers. Jason Long elaborates on the subject and give facts and figures about the potential cures on the market today, as well as introducing his own program (ed protocol).

Treating ED can be challenging mostly because of the wide array of factors and causes, that each depend not only on the person’s biological health, but also on psyche. So yes, ED is also psychological in nature. The ED Protocol meets those challenges by introducing new methods and techniques that are natural and have a history of success.

In my experience, there is nothing more devastating that a penile problem for a man. Especially in the context of marriage. If you are one of those people with a relationship being jeopardized by a failure to display your masculinity, this post might well save you.

With his years of experience on the subject, Jason saved his own marriage from collapse. He was not youngster either. He was 55 years old at the time he suffered from his penile problem. He exposes the little known secrets of erectile dysfunction, along with life-saving tips that doctors do not want you to know.

If doctors gave you only natural cures for ED, the whole pill industry would collapse. Since this is big business, they want you to stay hooked to pricey pills instead of cheaper and more convenient natural alternatives. Check it out. I rather enjoyed the read. You can thank me later.

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Open Letter to All Fathers

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open letter to a father

Hey Robert,

Thank you for your mail.

So sorry to read that you think a Dad role is difficult and that the first year has not gone quite as expected so far. I know it’s hard and I know it’s a struggle, believe me, I’ve been there myself. And it struck me first when I got the email from you that indeed they have never told anyone about this before. I might have talked about how things can go a little erratic the first couple of years, but I’ve never really told fully how difficult I think the first time was. For I am like you, I think it was very tough in the beginning. Although I immediately felt a bond between me and my son, so it took me a long time until I got there that I felt like I actually restrained role of father. I hated changing diapers, it seems the time at home went unbearably slow and I struggled to find my place. I did not know if I would have children or if I at all would be able to master the task as a father, and especially the first half. I doubted very much on myself.

I carried on much guilt and often pulled myself away. And I think it was difficult. 

Just as you saw, I tried, but it did not seem to work. I did not feel I got so much back and the time spent at home could get on my nerves. The walls winced around me and I got panic, just like you. I just wanted to run away from everything, live freely somewhere in the world where neither time nor place exist; felt that I could not take on the responsibility I had been given. Did not feel I was able to complement the role of father and uncertainty ate me up from the inside. It was a time marked by a lot of bad conscience.

But then, one day, something happens. Maybe just a tiny thing, perhaps so small that you will not even notice it, but something snapped, albeit very very low. You feel that you master something, you get some contact. Maybe it’s a look, maybe there is a warm feeling in my neck. Something is there.

Your child is only around six months yet and although no others say this, so I can say it, man to man: The first year is by far the most crappy. Although it is full of large, touching moments, then there is also that year with you mostly standing in the shade and trying to help as best you can. But mom takes a huge space and dad are often left on the sidelines. Of course it can help to make that you may not feel it quite large for your child yet. Do not panic, it comes. I promise you, it will. For me, every birthday has been a milestone. New things to enjoy, new big step on the journey through life. And with every step the child comes closer to you, Dad.

It may seem like it all is very far on the horizon, but your time comes, you just have to persevere through the crappy periods that feels tough. Neither do I think the first year is particularly enjoyable, I do not think it is especially popular to say it, but I speak straight from the heart here. It is a time of little sleep, very much chaos, new routines, remember your daughter remembers, do not pass on the whole day through. A relationship to the child’s mother is also seldom more vulnerable than a child’s first few years of life. Especially the first one. Man is constantly tired and all of the energy and excess goes into the small.  It may sound a little rough, but especially the first half is mostly a lot of work for little return. But then it gets better, trust me man, it is so much better! And this I know, for I have gone through exactly the same as you with the first one, I know what to expect.

Lying on the bed in the evening and chatting and hearing your child reel off gold nuggets that can get you to pee with laughter. Children are honest you know, they say and do exactly as they please. If they suddenly will say “We are best friends, Dad” and will wholeheartedly kiss you on the cheek as they do. And nothing feels better. Playing football on the grass, sitting on the dock and dangle your feet while eating ice cream, dine and play with your food, watch children’s television sows with your child in your arm and much more…

You just have to persevere and remember why you’re doing this. You do it to go through the rest of life hand in hand with a child who looks at you as king of everything. But the child is only half the solution, your relationship with the child’s mother is the rest. This must act lest the whole house of cards tumble. I actually recommend that you take a tough grip here. 

Sit down with your wife and tell her what you told me. Say it like it is: You think it’s hard, you feel you slipping away from the child, that their relationship may eventually unravel and that you no longer know what you want. And it’ll tear you in the heart. You simply need a little help, so stretch out a hand and ask her about it. Maybe it turns out that she has problems ans you can help each other. Maybe she does not know how much you struggle and how deeply you care?

It is such a shame that I think there are many who have it like you do. Many. But not everyone sees the truth, only when it is too late. I know that I am actually proud of you as the man up to send me a message and ask for help. It is a big step in the right direction.

But … How you describe your wife has taken full control in the home and you have been pushed onto the sidelines. This has resulted in much bickering and you feel powerless. Pssst, here I’ll say another thing you’re sure not read in some books: Like that, I think there are too many! It is something that happens In their heads that make them specific hen mothers with an almost morbid appetite for control. And they feed on your insecurity. It is a vicious circle that constantly makes you more insecure and tightens her grip on the child.

Remember I became annoyed at my wife and regarded it as both a scapegoat and rival for the attention of the children, for a breast is a wonderful thing to have, but it also throws a long shadow. How best to proceed in order to assert your right unfortunately, I know not, for I do not have the right skills to get a list of arguments, but I know one thing: You will. Otherwise you never sent me the message and asked for advice from a father to another. Man to man, just as we men are so bad on each other. But you did it and I’m so happy you did. You will and you are desperate to get this to work, it’s even though it looks bleak right now.

Talk to her, put it forward in a calm manner when both of you are calm, do not take it up in the middle of a fight, wait until the child is asleep. Sit down on the couch and say in a calm voice that you want to talk before you slip too far apart. If she does not want to meet you with open arms then and try to arrive at a solution, I am afraid the problem is deeper than I can help.

I could of course sprinkle sugar on the situation, but the reality is that many couples go apart in the first critical years of the child’s life, simply because it is so tough and stressful relationship. Furthermore, no communication and interaction is a painfully long and arduous task in a relationship. Talk to her, tear down the walls between you and try to rebuild it with understanding and love. From both of you. Not only for each others sake, but primarily for the child. The child should be the protagonist in your life now.

Here in the house we really just decided that the first couple of years now so we act as a team and our job is to stick together and get the kids up and stand. Call it a job. It’s not particularly romantic perhaps, but this is not the time for romance, not for our part at least. To succeed in raising children is far more important and do much more for the heart than anything. When standing together in everyday life and getting things done together, one gets more than enough love out of everyday romance and find love in it.

This will of course not be the same for everyone, but let us at least start there. Not having such high ambitions for life outside the four walls for a little while, so I think things will fall into place sooner. Just as well accept that putting everything on pause for a little while, then you can also look forward to all you can do later. I promise you that one day in a new town with a 2 year old in tow is like being on the jungle safari. To be part of a small child who is beside himself with excitement the first time he sees a tram, is for me far more rewarding than taking photographs of a monkey hanging on a branch. Such things can be done later 😉

I am writing this long answer to you because I have faith in you. Not only you but all the Fathers who are like you. Plunged into a situation you do not quite have control and who suddenly find yourself thrown out on the sideline, dazed and uncertain, groping for answers.

I wish I could end with some kind of morality quotes; “The answer is within you” or something in that direction, but I have none unfortunately. I have no miracle cure that will fix your relationship with your wife and your newborn in a snap. I only know that I have gone up this trail before. And for me it has just gotten better and better every single day, but it’s tough at times. Tough fight, bordering breaking point. But it gets better, believe me, it is so much better. And I’m so glad that you show that you are willing to fight for this, for nothing is more important, nothing is more rewarding. I am no believer and I’m not so hung up on faith, but if there is a meaning to life as it must be to go through life hand in hand with your family, nothing feels more important, better or rewarding. Just hold out, you will get there someday.

Good luck, Aren.

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The Minnesota Dentist paid $55000 for the Hunt. What the fuss?

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The whole world is on this Cecil kick and you won’t get them off it.

I’m not saying they’re wrong, but they run with stories way too quick without the facts on the ground.

If the guy payed for the hunt and shot at this cat, then until I know for a fact it was an illegal killing than who the hell cares?

How many Cecils get shot every year legally anyways? Are Americans suggesting NO trophy killing? Why?

Some of those herds HAVE TO BE culled in order to keep the animals safe themselves. No one ever talks about how these hunters ARE REQUIRED BY LAW to kill large game also and to feed the town much needed protein as part of their “trophy” hunts which benefits the animals and the town who wouldn’t get the necessary meat.

So I am an American who IS NOT joining the rest of his American pride in rushing to judgement of an animal that was shot legally.

If the town wants to give back the 50k it took for the killing then that will be a good start.

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America breaks all records in police shooting.

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A sheriff wall

The American police is often seen as a model by worldwide peace-keeping agents. First remember that it does not exist as a single unit. It is not ‘one’, but fragmented into thousands of services in the territory of the United States, approximately 18000.

The death of the unarmed Michael Brown, who was added to a long list, caused a considerable stir nationwide. Five days of protests and unrest followed. The police, in para-military equipment, has been mobilized, launching a debate on the drift of militarization or sending to once again looms over what many of us consider this country has become; a police state.

According to The Economist (25 April 2014-2015), there would be at least 461 people killed (“justifiable homicide” according to the terminology in force) by the police during the year 2013, but figures from the FBI are incomplete as this organization acknowledges itself. This is an increase of 33% since 2005.

The population of the United States is approximately 316 million in 2013. Therefore, this gives a ratio of 1.5 fatalities per 1,000,000 inhabitants in the USA.

U.S. officers kill more people in a day than European officers in one year, headlined The Guardian on the 9th of June 2015.

In Canada, the foundations of statistics and lists of deaths are collected by associations because the government has not published official death toll, over the last five years. The numbers for police killing oscillates between 5 and 10 (no trend). The Canadian population of 35 million, the ratio is therefore, of 0.2 persons killed/1000000 inhabitants in Canada. It is fifteen times less.

It seems that the situation is still better in Germany, or eight people were killed in the past two years and a total of 109 people since 1998. The figure is estimated at 6 for 2011 and 7 for 2012 by the University of German police. And this number has been declining since the 70s according to the Berlin Civil Right and Public-Safety Institute. Firearms training is called «Do not shoot» in Westphalia!

Think about that.

In the UK, according to the Wikipedia page devoted to this topic, the numbers of people killed by a law enforcement officer would be 0-6 per annum (this high figure of 2005) . The Canadian situation is no good compared to the United States, but poor compared to our larger European partners.

Peace keeping in America needs a total 180 degree reform or else it’s close to being another form of criminality approved by the government.

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Look! Who is it? It’s Super Dad!

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As a young marketing executive, I am of course very busy. Yes, but my daughter occupies an essential place in the balance of my life. Indeed, as a father I feel the need to get involved as much as possible in the upbringing of my child, and my wife also wishes to have a professional career in raising her. There are many articles for mothers so that mothers can better manage their life. But what about dads? Here are some quick tips to help dads be even more awesome than they ever thought possible! Follow those tips and you will make you a super-dad too!

Brace yourself.

Take advantage of parental leave and spend time with your kid

Today, when a child is born, dads are equally entitled to parental leave as mothers. Stop feeling guilty and take the leave! It is a right and even a duty to your child. Learn to know your child better, living his first moments together. It is very important for him as it is for you. Forget social pressure and be a dad next to your child. Many years down the road, he/she will be thankful.

Take part in the family organization as a whole

Delegating household jobs is important. On the one hand, this gives the impression of doing everything, and on the other hand, this clears the organization of your own family! Make the decision to go shopping, decide the menu for the evening, etc. There are many tools that exist to facilitate your life, like for example using an application on your smartphone. Let them discover these “gadgets” and your wife and children will be delighted to try this new method of organization. An innovative dad indeed. It’s a good way to impress your wife and child.

Get deeply involved in his children’s lives

Go pick up your children at school, help them do their homework (very important)… Be part of all the mundane day-to-day tasks to create a strong bond with your children. They will tell you their days, their first victories, their first good notes, their first crush. You can also share with them and they will be extremely proud of you! Sharing creates trust and a sense of being loved and cared for.

Be open minded!

What are you scared of? Being a cool dad is not a shame, on the contrary. Feel free to tell your boss that your child is ill, that you need to go to spend time with your children. Most people understand, as they are most likely parents too. The whole thing is to manage your life like a pro and be efficient as possible. Choose any of the two, but reconcile the two at the end of the day. Your whole family will come out a winner out of this effort.

Take a half day at work

Take a break in the week to enjoy time spent with your children. Accompany them during their extra-curricular activities. Whatever your job may be, it is possible to take half a day leave from time to time, and plan on Friday afternoon to prepare how you will spend time with your child in the weekend. And if you are an extremely busy person, put yourself in telecommuting, this will allow you to manage your time and manage it all being with your kids! Skype does wonders if you want to be in touch with your colleagues.

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